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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:59 am 
Little Lamb
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sending out a call to action in the name of spaceships, Spock, aliens and blowing stuff up with varying colored lasers. The Bubblefish Space Mafia is here for you. :)

With various updates over the past year, Star Trek Online has become less of an MMO and more of a community game with plenty of variety in customization.

1. Star Trek Experience
With the Star Trek Universe laid out in all its glory, there's no shortage of references and fan-gasm material. From the war with the Klingons, to the Romulans, to the Cardassians to the Borg, there's an epic story detailing the rise of an officer from bellhop all the way up to the rank of Mafia Lieutenant, be they in the form of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and the Romulan Republic, all playable factions from the start (Originally, Klingons could only be unlocked with a lvl.25 Fed char).

2. The Space Mafia
With the main storyline more than sufficient to max out a new player's XP (I clocked my recent character at around two weeks, with various pauses for sleep, food and other stuff), the grinding aspect and overall focus of the Space Mafia has definitely changed. Now the grinding has shifted to completing various reputations with Task Force Omega (a joint-task force made for fighting the Borg), New Romulus (Helping the settlement of the new Romulan Homeworld), and the Nukara Strikeforce (Kicking the Tholians, a crystal spider race, off a demon planet), as well as building the Fleet Starbase. All of which yield huge rewards, be they special gear (super weaponry, high-powered equipment, and versitile consoles) that can't be found on the market or from drops, or special skills that boost your combat abilities. The Fleet Starbase, which is under construction, will allow the purchase of special duty officers, more enhanced equipment, and upgraded versions of most of the premium starships (Slightly more powerful than the C-Store equivelants). The Embassy on New Romulus, which opens the door to gaining special Romulan officers (Bridge and Duty) as well as Romulan technology. And finally, there's the Dilithium Mine, which unlocks discounts on all dilithium purchases, as well as more special equipment.

3. PVP
For those that are bored with the grinding, there's special maps allowing for up to 20 players in private matches, both ground and space combat. Even better, there's XP and dilithium rewards for participating, all of which can be used to help build the starbase, or build toward the following perk of farming dilithium..........

4. No need to spend money. EVAR.
Under normal circumstances, you'd have to spend real-world money to get certain parks, and it's definitely the same with this game. Fortunately, there's a slightly time-consuming workaround to the money problem: Dilithium can be spent on acquiring the same currency normally bought with RL money, if you choose to want a few extras here and there, right away.

All in all, STO has definitely changed for the better. And whether you are new to the game, or are interesting in returning, we look forward to seeing you powering up your weapons, ready to blow shit up. Just PM me on the forum, /msg Reese_Kaine in the #Daria chat on Geekshed, or send an in-game email to @biscuitlord , or @Eishtmo to join the fleet; We usually respond either that evening or the following day. Take it from me: A Starfleet Vice-Admiral cosplaying as an elf chick who thinks she's the Hero of Time in any other game...........would just look silly.



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