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Well did he?
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:10 pm 
Sh34r Excellence
Sh34r Excellence
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Little attempt to breathe some life into this forum. See how that goes.

I think it suits Trump for Hillary to be going on about him talking shit about women, to be going on about his lack of manners, about how crude he is, because his policy platform is absolute bollocks and having Hillary talking about how rude he is displaces time she could be talking about his policy platform being complete bollocks.

On the one hand, he's presented himself to be a total moron who runs his mouth without running his brain ever, and so many of his business ventures have failed, including casinos, so it's easy to write him off as a dumbass.

On the other, he could be just about smart enough to know how to troll people. He can definitely work certain crowds ...

I don't know, is this something he could have thought up and done deliberately?

"This calls for a special blend of psychology and extreme violence."

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:31 pm 
Sh34r Excellence
Sh34r Excellence
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Not sure, and I can't tell how sincere Trump is in many of his gaffs or merely manipulative in a calculating sense (that is, I can't tell if he's genuinely the way he portrays himself or if he's cynically manipulating the citizenry). In either case it seems to me that Trump is the dream-opponent for Hillary. If Hillary can't win against Trump then I don't think she could've won against anybody else, not even against a Beavis/Butt-head ticket.

If Trump wins, I'm not going to be anywhere as worried about what he'll do as POTUS (he should face at least as much opposition as Obama did, the less obstruction from the Republican side, which doesn't mean no obstruction, will be made up by obstruction from every other side, the Supreme Court would be my biggest worry on that) as I am going to be with American citizens in general (assuming he got over half the votes of the voting population, as opposed to say what was roughly a 25% vote between Stein, Johnson, Clinton, and Trump, with Trump winning by .1%).

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