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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:52 am 
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Been there, wrote about that.


The toe area of her Doc Marten boot smashed into Principal Li's face, sending the middle-aged Korean woman flying back. While in the air, she flipped to right herself and landed on her feet. Not a hair was out of place though a small trickle of blood escaped from one nostril. As Principal Li charged her, Daria set herself in a defensive stance. She had never had any formal Martial Arts training but for some reason she seemed to be a master now.

Reaching striking distance, Daria lashed out in a three strike combo. The blows stunned Li and she stood there swaying. A deep disembodied voice called out "FINISH HER!" Daria smirked and snapped her fingers. The floor beneath Principal Li grew spikes, piercing her flesh. It then rose up and slammed her between two thick slabs like a heavy book preserving a flower or leaf. The slabs then sank into the ground leaving a spreading puddle where the former principal once stood.

The voice called out once more. "Daria Wins! FATALITY!" Sandi from the Fashion Club was to be her next opponent. She couldn't wait.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:43 am 
Little Lamb
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From my "Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have 100" collection:
(Scene: LHS, between classes. Kevin and Mack are getting stuff from their lockers)

Kevin: "Are you psyched up for the big game tonight, Mack Daddy?"

Mack: "Oh, THAT'S IT!!"

(Mack slams his locker door into Kevin's face, knocking him back, and then charges into him
with a football tackle, slamming him into a wall)

(Mack crouches and lets loose with devastating uppercut, sending Kevin through the roof and
back down again)

(Jane then pops up and yells "TOAS-TEEEEE!!!")

(Mack tosses an extension cord at Kevin, wrapping around his neck, yelling "GET OVER HERE!!!",
and flattens Kevin with a roundhouse kick.)

(Ms. Li's voice can then be heard over the PA speakers, yelling "FINISH HIM!!!")

(The lights dim a tad, and an ominous chime........chimes. Mack grabs Kevin's head, rips it off
with its spinal cord dangling, shoves it back down his neck head-first, grabs a beer, belches at
Kevin hard enough to make him fall over, and finally urinates on his corpse.)






Mack: *Pointing at the camera* "Don't call me that, I'll kill you too!!"


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